I was fortunate to be provided the opportunity to experience the outdoors at an early age, and became
fascinated with
the beauty of wildlife.  Hunting and fishing were natural progressions  which ultimately led
a curious kid to attempt preserving
neat-looking creatures of all kinds....squirrels, pigeons, road-kill, it
didn't matter
. They were all dragged to my parent's basement to get "stuffed" on the ping-pong table.   

Shortly after receiving a bachelor's degree in
Natural Resource Conservation and Law Enforcement, I
went to work for the Natural Resource
's branch of the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and continued for
13 years.  Dealing with Government bureaucracy
finally got to me and that career was abandoned to start
a new one doing something I loved doing all along.  It was
a difficult decision, but one that has resulted in a
satisfaction I could never have thought possible.  I believe
my talents in taxidermy have come from God, and I thank
Him everyday for a career I love and for what he has
provided for me and my family.

My passion for taxidermy has only grown stronger over the years and I
remain devoted to doing my best
learning  something new every day.   

If you are reading all of this, you are most likely searching for a taxidermist.  I welcome any calls
regarding questions you may have about your bird mount.  My bird taxidermy is not a hobby or part time
job to earn a few bucks.  "Brad's Birds" is a full-time bird taxidermy studio.  I have no
employees.....although you may get the pleasure of speaking with one of my kids or my wife when you
call....they try to help out when they can.  

There are several artists that have inspired me along the way and I feel fotunate to now be giving back
what I can as a contributing writer with Taxidermy Today Magazine.  I am
pleased to have had my mounts
featured on the covers of 10 issues of the magazine.  

Brad Laaker